Martingala (Martingale) is an elementary method; in case of bet loss, have to double your bet on the next bet. In this way, when you will win a bet, you will recover your initial assets plus a profit.

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We have an inital budget of 100U and we want to get 10U of profit for each step.

Referring to bets with an average odd equal to 2, at the first step we will bet 10U. In case of win, we have reached our goal and we can start again our progression from the first step. In case of loss, the following bet will necessary allow us to get back the previous loss and earn 10U at the same time, so we will bet 20U. In case of victory, we have recovered our initial budget plus a profit of 10U.In case of loss, we will need to double our bet again, betting 40U, and so on.

The following tables show the progression for the two case of interest: best and worst case.

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How use this progression?

The crucial point of this progression are consecutive losses. So, the important question you need to consider is the following:

Hwo many consecutive times I'm going to loose?

The right way to use this progression is to opportunely choose the step profit in relatio with the budget. Bigstake gives you a usefool tool to test it!

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